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What is Assist Tracking? {see full feature set}

  • Assist Tracking is a software application designed to track objects.
  • Assist Tracking can be used with any bar coded objects.
  • Assist Tracking can be associated with the matching of up to three objects at a time in a parent/child relationship.
  • Assist Tracking can be used to track manufacturing steps/tasks associated with an object.
  • Assist Tracking is optimized for use in medical/laboratory environments.
  • Assist Tracking is highly customizable using configuration settings.

With all of the laboratory industry focus on specimen tracking systems, there are many products now on the market.  Laboratory management has to make a decision on which product to use and trust.

Why Assist Tracking?

  • More features and options than any other product on the market.
  • More installed labs than any other product on the market.
  • More cost effective than any other product on the market.
  • Established history of proven effectiveness (>100 million transactions).
  • Independent product not tied to third party equipment and/or software.
  • Ability to map to existing lab workflow and processes.

Assist Tracking is the best solution available on the market.  It has the largest feature set and is the most comprehensive of any competing solution.  Assist was built in labs, for labs. 

The basics of Assist Tracking were built in 1995, long before most competitors had even thought about tracking solutions.  While originally conceived as a production control system for use in the manufacture of electronic components, Assist Tracking has a strong tracking engine that has been tailored to medical processes and objects.  In other words, the tracking algorithms are time tested and rock solid.

In medical laboratories alone, the Assist Tracking scanner engine has processed over 100 million scanned transactions.  In Assist Tracking installed laboratories, a specimen mismatch has never occurred.

The goal of Assist Tracking is to eliminate specimen mismatches.  Not to reduce, but to eliminate.  The goal is NOT to sell cassette printers, slide printers, slide stainers, processors, etc.  it is to eliminate specimen mismatches.  Assist Tracking was not created, as many products, because the market required it as an adjunct to a laboratory information system.  Assist Tracking was created solely to eliminate specimen mismatches. 

With an installed base of more than 50 laboratories, Assist Tracking has been installed alongside more than 10 different laboratory information systems (LIS).  Assist Tracking supports interfaces to multiple LIS systems, but operates perfectly fine as an independent system.  Hardware independence and interfaces also exist with many of the industry standard hardware platforms used in laboratories.

While competing products are trying to get a foot hold in the market, or are trying to establish a name for themselves, Assist Tracking continues to protect patient safety 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.